I am a Clinical Psychologist and have been in practice for 15 years.  I am trained to work with adolescents and adults who are experiencing many forms of psychological distress including depression, anxiety, life transitions, loss, and divorce.  I am also a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist trained to work with all Eating Disorders, including Anorexia, Bulimia, Food Addiction and Compulsive Overeating.  I also conduct an 18-month, closed group for individuals with Food Addiction. I subscribe to the theory that substances such as food, drugs and alcohol are effective, but destructive, ways to distract or numb from painful feelings that seem too difficult to deal with.
I use an eclectic and individualized approach to treatment with a strong focus on the Internal Family Systems treatment model.  This model helps to more deeply explore wounds and burdens within the individual, and then works to heal those wounds in a gentle, respectful and compassionate way.
My clinical focus is in helping individuals begin to fully understand the "self" and to identify obstacles standing in the way of reaching emotional, relational and personal goals.  I believe that once one truly understands the purpose of and the reasons for their relational, physical and emotional difficulties, they can begin to make important changes in their life, leading to the life they desire and deserve.